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Shop / Heavy Sprinttrack Custom-Made €149,95 per m²

Heavy Sprinttrack Custom-Made €149,95 per m²

149.95 / minimum of 100 cm²

Total Area (sq m)
Overage estimate (21%)
Total Price
  • Upload your sketch / brand mark / logo, for your design.
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    We contact you to discuss the design.



    • This variety is popular among our customers. Our custom-made version is completely tufted with a heavy variety of artificial grass, according to your wishes. With the choice of no less than nineteen colours, the sprinttrack can be produced based exactly on your own design. The track can be tailored to your branding and/or interior, or the exercises you will use the track for. This heavy-duty artificial grass has been extensively tested and tailored for intensive use for sports applications. The combination of a short fibre and high density of the mat ensures that the mat is resistant to wear and very durable as a sport floor. It is also possible to integrate this custom-made track in our standard versions.
  • Turf customized to your facility
  • 100% monofilament, 10 year uv-guarantee
  • Production based on own design
  • Track is completely tufted (unique concept)
  • Colours: full colour, based on nineteen colours
  • 13mm pile hight
  • Total turf weight approximately 2511gr/m2
  • Extreme high density and durable product
  • Designed for high-performing
  • Easy to clean by vacuum cleaner and mop
  • Standard equipped with double-sided tape (Easy installing)
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • No use of sand infill
  • Suitable for Crossfit, Fitness, Physiotherapy Practices, Gyms
    • We recommend applying the artificial grass to a flat and clean floor. If you have unevenness in the floor, fill it up so that the floor is level. Any unevenness can be seen in the track after installation. All of our sprint tracks are equipped with double-sided tape on the bottom, making them easy to install. This is necessary to prevent sliding when used. If you glued the artificial grass to the floor, you would not be able to remove it without damaging the floor. Keep this in mind when making your choice.
  • Download the installation guide for the easy installation.


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