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Custom-made / Custom-made

Sprinttracks are produced in any desired size, so that they can be precisely matched to the applicable environment. We make a distinction in our product range: Heavy Sprinttrack, Heavy Sprinttrack Start & Finish and Heavy Sprinttrack Custom-Made.

Heavy Sprinttrack & Heavy Sprinttrack Start & Finish

The production of these two varieties is based on roll widths of two and four meters. As you can see in our webshop, you have the choice of these two options, allowing you to specify the desired length. Would you rather have another roll width? We can of course tailor make this for you. In contrast to the widths of two and four meters, the loss of cutting must be taken into account. With a width up from 4 meters, the gluing on site is required to be done by one of our installers.

Heavy Sprinttrack Custom-Made

The name of this variety says it all; you design it and we will execute it. We make this full colour Sprinttrack tailored exactly to the customer’s design. With this variety you can choose from fifteen different colours and any desired size.